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Basic techniques
AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.x Tutorial Image (Pulling Pieces Apart - Fig1)
In many cases you may want your jig-saw puzzle effect to have an appearance of the disassembled puzzle and therefore, you should be able to remove any piece (or a group of pieces) from the cut image and then manipulate this piece (to turn it, to change its location, etc.) The typical situation when such manipulations are required can be seen in our Gallery's sample A "classic" puzzle (B1).

The main statement is: you pull and rotate puzzle pieces inside your host, rather than inside Puzzle Pro 3.x.

To obtain inside the host the image, which is cut into puzzle pieces, you should use the powerful Export options of Puzzle Pro 3.x, when the plug-in is in the Puzzle mode. You can export the cut image either as:
(Learn more about the Export options of Puzzle Pro 3.x in the How to export the created puzzle pieces? topic of the User Guide.)

The detailed instruction on how to pull and/or rotate pieces:

  1. First of all, you prepare the desired Splitter (you specify the number of rows and columns, thickness of the Splitter, etc.) while the plug-in is in the Layout mode. (Learn more about this process in the A Splitter's HOWTOs chapter of the User Guide.).
  2. Once you are happy with the created Splitter, you should click the Cut button, located in the Cutter window, to cut your image into puzzle pieces using the Splitter as a "big knife". Then the plug-in switches into the Puzzle Mode.
  3. Using the tools provided in the plug-in's Puzzle mode, you employ the plug-in's built-in effects (bevel, opacity, etc) and hide, if necessary, some pieces.
  4. Click the Export button (or reach the Export menu item from under the Main menu) and then, when the Export (Puzzle Mode) window will appear, choose the desired type of the export option. E.g. export to .PSD file. We recommend that you review the How to export the created puzzle pieces? topic of the User Guide.
  5. Close the plug-in and then, open the PSD file (that you have just exported) inside your host. Since every piece of your puzzle is placed in the separate layer, you can easily use the host's tools for manipulating any piece.

Note: it is a good idea to save the created project before you close the plug-in, in order to you could use the project afterwards. Please read the How to save the created project? topic of the User Guide.

Note: if you intend to rotate the pieces inside the host, then we recommend that you select the Disable Bevel check box located in the Export (Puzzle Mode) window, so that you could use the host's bevel effect for correct shading and highlighting of the pieces.

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