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Working with Puzzle Pro 3.1 / The Puzzle Mode / Built-in Effects' HOWTOs
The Bevel window contains controls that allow you to add the combination of highlights and shadows to the content of the selected piece(s) or to all existing pieces, in order to emulate the bevel effect on the piece(s).
To employ the bevel effect, select the piece(s), to which you want to add the bevel effect, first (No selection means that the bevel effect will be applied to all pieces.) and then, do one of the following:

When the Bevel window appears, then use the controls located in this window to specify the parameters of the effect, using the instructions below:
You can disable the bevel effect at any time and then, enable it back, if necessary. For that, do one of the following:

To preview the adjustments that you make in the Bevel window, you can use the following possibilities:

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