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If for realization of your creative ideas you need to manipulate the particular pieces (move, rotate, etc.), rather than obtain the flattened pieces inside your host, then the Apply command of the plug-in is NOT what you need.
Instead, you should use a very powerful Export option of Puzzle Pro 3.1, so that you could operate the separate puzzle pieces right inside the host*, afterwards. There are two different ways of how you can export puzzle pieces:
* Here, as the host, we mean not only image editing hosts (such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc.), but practically any host that supports either multilayer .PSD files or .PNG files (e.g. Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, etc.)

Depending on your task and the host that you will use, you may find one type or another of exporting preferable.

To employ the Export option, select the pieces that you want to export first (As it works throughout the plug-in, if there are NO selected pieces, then this is treated as ALL pieces are selected, so you will export ALL existing pieces.) and then, do one of the following:

Then, when the Export (Puzzle Mode) window appears, do the following:
  1. Choose whether you export all pieces (separately), or all pieces (merged), or only selected pieces, by selecting accordingly the Export All Pieces, or Export All Pieces (Merged), or Export Selected Pieces radio buttons.
  2. Choose the desired type of the export (a multilayer .PSD file or a group of .PNG files), by selecting accordingly the Export to PSD or Export to PNG radio buttons.
  3. Select the appropriate check boxes to extend the parameters of the export (see the explanation below).
  4. Choose the desired naming style (simple or extended) for exporting pieces, by selecting accordingly the Simple Naming Style or Extended Naming Style radio buttons.
  5. Click the Export button.
  6. Then, when the standard Open File dialog window appears, enter the name of the file you export, choose the path and click the Save button.

There are several check boxes/radio buttons in the Export (Puzzle Mode) window that allow you dramatically extend the parameters of the export command. They are the following:
Note: after exporting, the Export (Puzzle Mode) window closes, but Puzzle Pro 3.1 remains open (in Puzzle mode, of course) and you may continue working with the plug-in.

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