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Working with Puzzle Pro 3.1 / The Layout Mode / Paths' HOWTOs
If you cannot find the desired Path in the Preset Manager, then Puzzle Pro 3.1 provides you with the possibility to create a custom-shaped knife's Path using the Path palette's tools.
The best way is to edit the Path, which shape is most similar to the one that you want to create. You can take this Path (let's name it the source Path) either from the Preset Manager or from the Main Preview area of the plug-in (by clicking on the knife with the suitable shape).

For editing the Path, you just need, upon necessity, to drag the appropriate existing anchor points of the source Path, add or remove the additional anchor points, adjust the smoothness of the knife's Path and flip it unless you obtain the desired shape of the knife's Path. (To learn more, read the "How to operate anchor points?" topic.)

Note: the Path is represented by the orange line in the preview area of the Path palette.

Note: either action that modifies a knife Path and is done using the Path palette's tools, can be undone or then redone. The Undo command has as many as 200 levels to step back.

If you think that the created Path might be useful afterwards then you can save it as any of the following types of files: .AVPH (an internal AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.1 format), .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file or.AI (Adobe Illustrator) file (read the "How to save a Path?" topic). You can also add it to the list of the existing Paths using the Preset Manager (read the "How to add the Path into the Preset Manager?" topic).

It is simple when you need to create an ordinary Path, but it might require some effort if you want your knife's Path to have the sophisticated shape. We recommend that you review the "How to Make a Custom Shaped Knife?" tutorial on AV Bros. web site located at www.avbros.com.

To learn more about operating the anchor points, adjusting the smoothness of the Path, adding the Path to the Preset Manager, etc. read the Paths HOWTOs and The Preset Manager's HOWTOs chapters.

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