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Working with Puzzle Pro 3.1 / The Layout Mode / A Splitter's HOWTOs
There are a number of the knives' flipping operations in the plug-in, such as Flip H, Flip U, Flip HU, etc. They are intended for the following:

  1. Avoid the intersections of the neighboring knives, when necessary.
  2. Obtain the "good looking" Splitter.

To use these operations, go under the Adjust menu and choose the desired flipping option. The result of the flipping is displayed directly in the Main Preview.

Note: flipping operations are knives' selection dependant: NONE (or ALL) selected knives result that the flipping operation will affect ALL knives. If just a few knives are selected, then only the selected knives will be flipped.

Note: if you want to flip the specific knife among selected, then right-click on this knife and choose the desired flipping operation from the popup menu that will appear.

Note: in some cases, the particular knife of the Splitter may NOT be flipped. This looks like a malfunction, but it is not! The strange, at first sight, behavior depends on the particular knife and particular flipping operation. For example: the "Classic 1" knife (See the Classic Knives set of the knives in the Preset Manager.) flips if you choose the Flip H operation, but it does not flip if you choose the Flip U one. In fact, the knife flips in both cases, but the Flip U operation simple cannot be noticed, because of this particular knife's shape, which is symmetrical by U-axe.

Note: pay attention that there are yet another Flip U and Flip H flipping operations on the Path palette of the Cutter window. These operations flip the knife's path that you see in the preview area of the Path palette, unlike the mentioned above flipping commands that flip the knife (knives), of which the Splitter consists.

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