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Working with Puzzle Pro 3.1 / The Layout Mode / A Splitter's HOWTOs
This new and very powerful feature of Puzzle Pro 3.1 allows you to insert an extra knife between any two knots (Except the neighboring knots!) of the existing Splitter. To add the extra knife, follow the steps below:

  1. Select two knots, between which you want to insert the extra knife, by clicking on these knots (one by one). Once you click on the knot, the circle appears around it.

  2. Add the extra knife using one of the following actions:
    • Go under the Adjust menu and choose Add Extra Knife menu item.
    • Click the "+" button on the Main window of the plug-in.
    • Depress the "+" button on the keyboard.
Note: you add one extra knife at a time.

Note: only one extra knife can be added between two selected knots.

Note: to deselect the already selected knot, click on it one more time.

Note: you can select not more than two knots simultaneously. So, if there are two selected knots and you click on the third knot, then it will be selected, but the knot that you have selected first, will lose its selection.

Note: if you select a specific knot, but there is a knife between this knot and earlier selected knot, then the earlier selected knot will be deselected.

Tip! Taking into account the fact that the knots are very responsive to adjusting their position, they may be slightly displaced when clicking on them when adding the Extra knife. To prevent this accidental displacement, we recommend that you hold the Shift button down when clicking on the knots.

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